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It’s the second video this year featuring a Franklin elected official that’s caught on with the public.

Earlier this year, the city produced a video featuring Franklin Mayor Ken Moore and others dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.” (Mc Lendon isn’t in that video.)Related: Franklin unveils video for song “Happy”But Mc Lendon’s video isn’t getting any backing from Franklin.“The city of Franklin was not in any way involved in the You Tube video featuring Mr.

"Someone browsing your profile is trying to picture you in their life, so they need to know about you." While things like your hometown and alma mater are certainly important, you may want to save all of the gritty details for the first date.

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If you help people come to their own conclusion, it hits harder and is more memorable." Those specific details will appear much more genuine than a long list of personal qualities, which often end up sounding like a resume no matter how admirable they are.

"A lot of people spend time on their profile describing the person they're looking for, saying they'll treat her like a princess or spoil her rotten," Hoehn said.

Just like in real life, a fellow online dater is more likely to engage with you when you're making direct eye contact.

If you're a triathlete, use a picture of you training or crossing the finish line.

Though the idea is a riff on a similar dating diagram seen on the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” Mc Lendon’s video has clearly hit a nerve.

As of Friday morning, the video had racked up more than 1 million views, combining totals of You Tube posts and reposts on numerous other websites. Drew has featured it on his show, and a reality TV producer has contacted Mc Lendon about the video.

A solid copy edit and photo makeover costs , while a more in-depth package costs 8.

Since launching Profile Polish a year ago, Hoehn's business has increased rapidly, and she now gets between 10 and 15 requests a week.

Hoehn had had plenty of experience with online dating and had helped friends redo their profiles in the past.

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