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Cigar Press – You’ve been going through a ot of changes lately. Ernesto Padilla – I feel like my company has evolved into addition areas such as manufacturing our own cigars.

Owning my own factory in Little Havana Miami is something I’ve always wanted to do. You can have a coffee and a cigar here while you watch Padilla cigars being made.

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Right now the Miami, 32s and 48s are all made out of the Racias Cubanas factory, which is a great factory where some great cigars are produced. It’s all Cuban Style with mounted heads and triple capped. The transition from Pepin’s factory to this one was very smooth. But wouldn’t that seed just take on the characteristic of the soil and climate of where ever it is grown? The Cuban seeds that were coming out in the late 90s, Habano 2000 became very popular.

The series 68 are made by the cousins of the family of Racias Cubanas factory. EP - You can hear a lot of people saying that they have Cuban-seed Nicaragua, but what you’re seeing on there is Habano-seed Ecuador, which is very nice and used on a lot of cigars that I adore as well. No one could ever ferment that leaf – it just never burned right.

The great thing about American is that we’re all very hyphenated in the sense that as a culture, this is the only country anywhere in the world where you can have so many mixed cultures which just becomes the American culture.

A lot of people might forget how much cigar culture and history we have in this country.EP – It was always a dream of mine to have control over a certain percentage of the cigars that I have made.It’s very expensive to manufacturer cigars in Miami. It was an opportunity to take that work force and tap into that knowledge of tobacco from all of the people here.There is just an incredible amount of history here and I am very proud to make a cigar in the United States.I still think we make great cigars with the factories in Central America, but there is no place except Cuba where you can make cigars like Miami.When I started I was known for making cigars with El Rey de Los Habanos and Pepin Garcia. A lot of Americans come down who are curious with the Cuban culture and the cigar culture come down to Miami to experience that.

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