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In his thirties, he became the President of a large fire insurance company in his home state, a position he maintained for two years until 1872 when he moved to Pittsburgh.

His new position was as General Manager of the United States Life Insurance Company; he stayed with the company until 1877.

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Competition was fierce, and by 1900 Chamberlin’s focus was in supplying traps and targets to gun clubs. James Breading was also a silent partner in a large St.

O’Neil married Elizabeth Breading Lowry on November 11, 1873, who at the time was living with her widowed mother and sister at her wealthy great-aunt Elizabeth Ewing Breading’s home in Ben Avon. Louis mercantile establishment, and in 1836 he helped Mr.

It was a predecessor of today’s Pressley Ridge youth program.

Elizabeth Breading lived into her nineties and sold her home and 12 acres to her niece, Elizabeth Breading O’Neil in 1883 for a sum of $1.00 “in consideration of the natural love and affection and generosity” she felt for her.

The Breading/O’Neil home was described in the October, 1929 issue of The Ben Avon Forum as “one of those spacious and homelike old mansions popularly referred to as ‘Mid-Victorian’” surrounded by many old-growth, magnificent shade trees and a sweeping lawn.

The property also contained a brick stable, an ice house and the shared rights and maintenance responsibilities with a neighbor to a spring with a reservoir.

Over time, his business interests turned towards guns and hunting.

He organized the Pittsburgh Firearms Company, the Chamberlain Cartridge Company of Cleveland and the Western Arms and Cartridge Company of Chicago.

James Palmer O’Neil was born in 1844 in Ulster County, New York.

By 1856, his family was living in Chautauqua County, New York.

Prior to his Presidency of the team, he had very little knowledge about managing a team.


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