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Frundt, a victim of sex trafficking herself, explained the trade in Washington is nothing new; it has been ongoing for over 50 years.“,” she said.

Numerous types of men take part in the trade, from lobbyists, to businessmen and possible even congressmen may be involved.

Frundt explained there needs to be more education for children regarding the dangers and the involvement of younger girls with older men. There needs to be greater information available so children can protect themselves from these dangers, and greater laws need to be in place to aid in protecting children.

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Sex Education of children and youth is a sensitive but important aspect of their learning.

At present Muslim children are getting secular sex education at schools and getting, the wrong messages from the media.

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In this article pro and con of American sex education and Islamic concept of sexuality and marriage are discussed.

Finally a curriculum is proposed for Islamic sex education to be given at home or Sunday Islamic school.

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Tina Frundt, the founder and executive director of Courtney’s House, a non-profit organization that helps girls and women who have been victims of human or sex trafficking said many in the US believe there are lots of laws which protect trafficked children, when in reality there are not.

In many cases children are penalized for actions they had no ability to consent to or escape from.

They leave Islamic Education to the Sunday school, and sex education to the American schools and the media.


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