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If you need a friend more specific location of residence, you can use a specially Group ID privacy made public.Our tools can not be used for groups that are specially and confidential.

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Facebook friends can now add photos to the same online album, the site has announced.

The new feature is designed to make it easier for friends to share and organise their photos.

3 Start typing a friends nam, like with the letter "A" 4 Slect a friend at a time and add them ================================= Extra efforts wins friends who know you a little more ================================= 5 Upload a picture of yourself if you like and caption the picture with your Facebook address.

6 Post a comment on the Wall of the group letting everyone know when you posted your pic.

To secure your friend list from being perused by other users, it is important that you change your privacy options.

The move will allow groups of people to build collective albums containing wedding photos, nights out or pictures of certain groups of friends, for example, in a way that is easier to share with people and organise images of specific events.

You will make new friends in every part of the globe.

This will prove the Six Degrees Of Separation theory like no other group.

There will be no spamming and the Facebook 'netiquette' rules will be followed.

Here is how to meet the nicest people in the world. 2 Place your mouse curser at Add Friends to Group on the right side of the page.

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