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From Takhli flew EB-66 electronic-warfare jets with special equipment that can detect the "fingerprints" of enemy radar in the sky and then send out a signal that fouls up the screen below.Flying out of Takhli, F-105s armed with radar-guided Shrike missiles had the job of knocking out SAM sites.Western governments recognized different leaders, with military aid being provided to the communist Pathet Lao forces by the Soviet Union. On 23 December, communist forces fired on an American VC-47 passenger transport.

The fighting in Laos was of great concern to the Thai government.

The government feared that should Laos would fall to the communists, the "Domino Theory" would place the entire region, including Thailand, in jeopardy.

It was the first American aircraft in Southeast Asia to be fired upon.

Thailand was a constitutional monarchy and traditionally maintained a pro-western stance in foreign affairs.

Royal Thai Air Force Bases are an important element in the Pentagon's "forward positioning" strategy.

During the Vietnam War, about 80% of all USAF air strikes over North Vietnam originated from air bases in Thailand.

Also in April 1961, a small detachment of F-102 "Delta Daggers" from the 509th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, based at Clark AB, Philippines were sent to Don Muang under "Operation Bell Tone".

Their mission was to bolster the defense capabilities of the Royal Thai Air Force.

S., the bases were considered Royal Thai Air Force bases and were commanded by Thai officers. Udorn also hosted three squadrons of F-4C/D & E Phantoms which flew escort, sweep, and Air Combat Patrol missions to protect other U. (During the deployment of the F-111s three crashed soon after arriving at Takhli and the F-111 fleet was grounded to investigate the problem).


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