Words used in sexchat

Welcome to 21st Century Scrabble, sit down and feel free to while away your life.

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I consider telling her I am looking at pornography.

Then she hears the computerised fanfare that rings out of the laptop when you use all seven letters in Facebook Scrabble.

Maybe it was the simplicity of the game or the way it introduced you to new people or maybe it was just the way you could play match after match without stopping. It quickly became the most popular game on Facebook.

Such success didn’t go un-noticed, especially when the only difference between Scrabulous and board game Scrabble was a matter of letters in the name.

The Scrabble dictionary attached to the digital board will determine which words are allowed but many of us will have rows about illegal use of Anagram Finding sites, many will make new friends, and others will go as far as to have the digital equivalent of phone sex, chat sex in the message board that sits next to the Scrabble Board.

You thought it was a game to while away a wet afternoon?We play each other at any time of day or night because we are situated all over the world and timezones are helpful like that.We decide how long we will allow for each move to take, how many people can play, and what standard we play at.If you told me your name or the name of a place you’d visited I’d reply with a number, and then inform the confused person I was conversing with that that was the scrabble worth of the world they’d just said. Not knowing what letters would appear next had that random appeal that watching a horse race has.The excitement at using all 7 seven letters and scoring a bingo, or taking a game to the very last tile to reach a conclusion was immense, there was always just one more game, one more opponent, maybe the same one you’d already played five times that day and you wanted to take another victory from or avenge an earlier defeat.The huge corporations versus the brothers took on a Robin Hood level of romanticism and when the Indian high Court ruled that the Agarwalla’s could proceed with their word game but mustn’t use the word Scrabulous, Scrabble or make any reference to the original board game they re-appeared with Lexulous named after Alfred Butt’s original working title of Lexiko.

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