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"They have incredible conversations and can talk about anything.

He comes from a wonderful close-knit and loving family and that was a real draw to her."Spiegel was born in Los Angeles to lawyer parents; went to high school at Crossroads, an exclusive haven for the well-heeled and super-smart; and then attended Stanford, though he dropped out before graduation to focus on Snapchat.

While Murphy is still involved with the company and Spiegel runs the ship, holding the position of CEO and ideas man, Brown was unceremoniously cut from the fold.

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In fact, he has a reported net worth of $2.1 billion (£1.35bn), making him the 931st richest man in the world.

As well as having broken into the globe's top 1,000 - beers are on you, right, Evan?

The photo and video-sharing app that specializes in fleeting moments was most recently reported to be worth about $20 billion.

Spiegel himself is said to be worth $2.1 billion, according to "He's just so nice, very normal," one insider said. He is really down to earth."Kerr, who hails from Australia, met and spent time with Spiegel's family early on, feeling "very welcomed and accepted," a source said.

" the 33-year-old model captioned a pic of her new sparkling diamond ring, overlaid with a bitmoji proposal and a "Marry Me! Ah, 21st-century romance…This devoted couple, who met in 2014 and started dating in June 2015, may not have been an obvious one on paper, but sources have told E!

News since the beginning that Kerr and Spiegel bonded fast and looked entirely comfortable together from the start."They felt very happy and at ease," said one of the attendees at the time.And since both have been based in Southern California, they were logistically able to spend lots of time together—not a small feat in their respective businesses."They hang out all over the Westside and love being close to the beach," says a source, who noted that they enjoy local, normal activities such as shopping at the Palisades Farmers Market, going to the Malibu Pier and having dinner on trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice."They also love spending quiet weekends together at home hanging out and ordering takeout or watching movies."All signs pointed early on to their relationship going the distance—and that's exactly what has happened.And Spiegel's lack of any sort of public romantic history probably appealed to Kerr.In fact, according to a Spiegel source, it was his decidedly non-Hollywood vibe that attracted Kerr to him in the first place."Miranda loves how down to earth and brilliantly smart Evan is," the source said.Even more importantly, Spiegel gets on equally well with Kerr's son."Evan is really great with Flynn and they bonded instantly," the source said.

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