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Even if they don’t need his money, he has a sword of Damocles hanging over him.

In keeping with his deference, even if there is genuine affection between husband and wife it is quite common for the son to plead with his wife to be patient and to tolerate his parents.

Through his career in Hindi films, Khan has established himself as one of the most popular and influential actors of Indian cinema.

It took Athar some time, but by August, he had won her heart.

Since, their social media pages have been flooding with their romantic snapshots.

Faryal’s interview on ITV’s When an outspoken wife or daughter-in-law speaks out in this manner it ruffles the family feathers.

But these women, perceived as thorns in the side of the in-laws, are catalysts for changing cultures and societies for the better.

But now both of them are quite open about their relationship and are seen hanging out with each other.

Junaid is currently busy assisting Rajkumar Hirani on his upcoming project.As the war of words and finger-pointing between Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan’s families escalate, could this outpouring of emotion actually be a good thing?The scenario being played out so publicly is all too common in many families, across cultures and backgrounds. Marrying into a partner’s family usually means to some degree accepting and tolerating a new set of rules and ideas that can feel alien.Junaid's mother, Reena Dutta too was Aamir's childhood sweetheart.Sifting through the young Khan's social media page, we found out that Sonam and he first met at HR College, where the two were students.Sonam is currently pursuing an MBA in media studies.

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