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Over an Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Artichokes effused about his favorite Elder Scrolls mod: "You're sneaking around Whiterun and night is coming.

You see a kid walking on the city roads even though it's dark, and you choose them as your victim.

Growing up, Camryn* had always considered his taste in women particular: short, flat-chested, youthful.

Driven underground and left literally to their own devices, pedophiles are leaning heavily on these erotically charged videogames, virtual worlds, and the communities surrounding them.

These online venues, they attest, mitigate their desire to pursue their fantasies in real life."We need to make sure options to express true fantasies (i.e.

Unable or afraid to access resources like therapy and support groups, some pedophiles insist that virtual sex with child avatars helps them mitigate their desires.

Professionals think it's more complicated than that.

Some say it even acts as an outlet for their physical desires."I see myself and any child lover like me who wants to touch a child [and] then goes home and acts out in a safe, virtual environment, [as] a healthy person with a grasp on their attraction," Camryn told me over Linden Lab's virtual world Second Life.

On Virtuous Pedophiles, a forum for pedophiles who do not act on their desires, I met another mod connoisseur, Artichokes*, who asked us to change his handle.He was forced to consider his condition: He was attracted to a five-year-old. Camryn knew he could never force himself on a child of any age.The cost to his step-niece's well-being was too high.He reasoned that his standards of behavior needed to account for his predilections. "My worry of 'slipping up' did kind of hamper attempts to carry her when she was tired."Experts at anti-child-abuse organizations like Stop It Now!argue that the most certain way for a pedophile to avoid "slipping up" is making sure they are never alone with a child and to abstain from fantasizing about children altogether.You wait for the guards to patrol a bit to the side, and then sneak behind her, forcing her into submission and tying her.


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