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Do you want to protect yourself as you age from landing in a government run nursing home?Do you want to rely on others for your own lifestyle should you be hamstrung by a long term illness?Predictions about you (and millions of other strangers) are starting to deeply shape your life.

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Cities have long seen the potential in big data to improve the government and the lives of citizens, and this is now being put into action in ways where governments touch citizens’ lives in very sensitive areas.

New York City’s Department of Homelessness Services is mining apartment eviction filings, to see if they can understand who is at risk of becoming homeless and intervene early.

Is there an eminent attack by Muslim extremists on US soil?

Terrorism expert Jack Duffy, author of The Man from 2063, gives his insights.

If the underlying crime data being used is the result of years of over-policing minority communities for minor offenses, then the predictions based on this biased data could create a feedback loop and lead to yet more over-policing.

At a smaller and more limited scale is the even more sensitive area of child protection services.

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Imagine you’re moving apartments and shopping for new furniture at a couple of stores.

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