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The timetable requires existing ships to fit it before the first Seq survey after 2014 (passenger) to 2018 (handy sized cargo).

The timetable is (all July)-New passenger and tankers - 2012New cargo more than 10,000 GT - 2013New cargo more than 3,000, old passenger - 2014old tankers more than 3000 - 2015old cargo more than 50,00 GT - 2016old cargo more than 20,000 - 2017Old cargo more than 10,000 - 2018What this means is that a 2500 teu brand new container ship built today need not have an ecdis upto 2017 - that's a good 8 years and 2 computers away! Your 1 GB hard drive was considered state of art... More importantly, try running a large program on a 5 year old computer?

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People who had earlier burnt their hands over last minute fittings of AIS and LRIT do not wish to repeat the same mistakes. Myth 1 - Ecdis will be mandatory on all ships from 2012 so hurry - time is running out!

Reality - Ecdis becomes manadatory from 2012 only for new ships.

The combination of all data on a single display allows for a high level of situational awareness and onboard decision-making.

Using a Standalone ECDIS requires a full paper chart collection in use as a backup arrangement to fulfill the carriage requirements.

Your raster chart is good, but not good enough to be called an Ecdis.————————————————Myth 4 - Let's fit a Transas (substitute that for any private chart manufacturer of your choice...

C-map, furuno, blah) ecdis - that way we get to comply with the IMO requirement. Private vector charts are excellent in quality and reliability, but IMO does not believe them worthy of being called an ecdis.

Someone might ask, How come a blog on such an uncommon subject?

He is an experienced seafarer though he prefers to call himself a ‘hapless mariner’.

A tanker presently sailing (or for that matter even built next year) need not fit ecdis for the next 5 years! (Yes - Ecdis programs are very heavy on memory and need lots of space - just like elephants! Any futurist will tell you that 5 to 10 years is a generation away in a fast changing digital world.

On top of that the S-57 ENC version 3.1 is frozen since 2000.

NS 4000 ECDIS is a navigation information system that displays information from navigation sensors on the electronic navigational chart.


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