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The brand is also located in select Fed Ex Office locations.

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However, Best Buy Canada requires at least A Certification to work as a CIA.

In-store PC agents, and in-home PC field agents, wear a white, short-sleeved, pocketless dress shirt.

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy's collaboration company, Best Buy Europe, that also own Phone House, has since also begun launching Geek Squad in Phone House stores.

France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Portugal all have Agents now.

This change removed all "Magnolia Home Theater Installation" branding and was replaced by "Geek Squad Installation Units" instead.

This has now allowed Geek Squad to incorporate home theater installation as one of the in home services offered via telephone.Female agents may wear either black trousers, white socks, and black shoes; or, a black skirt with hose and black shoes.White and black are the only colors allowed in Geek Squad uniforms.From here, the Covert or Covert Operations Agent title was established, Agents from Covert Operations are responsible for the technical support of desktop or laptop devices.They provide support for narrow range of approved issues verbally over the phone, or Agents will connect to clients devices remotely and fix any issues if the computer is able to connect to the internet.The Double Agent program in the UK ceased in late 2012.

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