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https:// Apps313 the las build support for the i Pod touch 1G - 1.1.5 (4B1) (Free) i OS 3.1.3 (7E18) (Paid) so you should be able to upgrade sense you already have 2.2.1 next regarding your need for the latest i OS to install certain apps, im afraid you are out of luck, see the API these apps use require a later os, usually 4. After you upgrade to i OS 3.1.3 you can use this tool to search the i Tunes store for apps that are compatible with the 1st generation i Pod Touch. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

X cause of the multitask and so on Solution: Whited00r 1: You can upgrade to i OS 3.1.3, but I don't think Apple sells it anymore. 2: You can install apps, as long as they support i OS 3.1.3. whited00r is themed to look like i OS 6, and works with your i Pod touch, but more importantly, it has an app named the '3 Store' that lets you get old versions of apps that work for i OS 3. When installing whited00r to your i Pod Touch, you need to downgrade your firmware from 3.1.3 to a lesser version.

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Like others, I was a bit underwhelmed by the new functionality included in update 6.4.

It certainly wasn't worth the price I've been forced to pay.

Update January 23, 2017: Apple has just released i OS 10.2.1 for i Phone and i Pad, which offers bug fixes and security improvements. Here's how to download and install the update on your i Phone or i Pad i OS 10.2.1 includes bug fixes and improves the security of your i Phone or i Pad The easiest way for most people to download i OS 10.2 is over-the-air, directly on their device. If you have limited space on your device or software update isn't working for whatever reason, you can update using i Tunes.

You can download i OS 10.2.1 using the same procedures as previous updates. If you're running a the developer or public beta, Apple might push you an update if the build numbers are different (we're still checking on that).

Sure, Apple would prefer you to upgrade your device to the latest and greatest models, which are compatible with i OS 5.

Those models include all of the following: If you still have your trusty i Phone 3G or the original i Phone, then you're out of luck for running i OS 5 on your device. They've created a software distribution that has most of the i OS 5 features, and will work on the original i Phone, i Phone 3G, and first and second generations of i Pod touch. Keep it cheap with this custom jailbreak i OS 5 update (that is obviously... To update your old i Phone or i Pod touch to i OS 5 through Whited00r, just download the software and go to their installation page to see how it's done.I have three 4th generation i Pods that I bought as dedicated SONOS controllers.They are running ios 6.1.6, which is the latest version available.The looks of the NC and the lock screen are altered as well, but without exacting much toll on the device’s performance.Following is the step-by-step procedure for setting up Whited00r on your device.I can understand that code will inevitably grow beyond the capability of older devices.


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