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The CPU may not POST for one thing and yes if it did certain features may not be available or work correctly.

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Hi guys, I already have my 4790K CPU in a M6H board and it running fine at 4.6GHz/1.28V.

I'm changing the board to a M7G as the one-before-the-last step in my PC shrinking project.

If it is try running your system for a little while with only the 2 new sticks.

You'll more than likely benefit more from the increased bus speed than the extra gig at a lower bus speed, unless you are using very memory intensive apps. Neither really, it's just not running at full speed.

the system bios date is 11/06/03 and the video bios date is 11/18/05.

**** i am new to the bios area so be patient **** If you trying to overclock a Bios update is not going help.

If you don't know then download CPUid (instruction for use can be found on the download page).

Click the memory tab to see what frequency it's running at, if it's @ 166mhz (ddr333 or pc2700) then click on the "SPD" tab and you can view the details of the ram installed in each memory slot.

Dell, HP, etc don't write any overclock options into thier Bios.

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