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You don’t need to spend 20,000 to renovate your kitchen.It’s amazing what you can get done with very little money to update your 80’s kitchen. First you will need to paint the wood “handles” at the bottom of the doors to blend in with the colour of the door itself.

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But she warns that homeowners should be aware of the kind of wood their cabinets are made of before they paint them, and what kind of paint they use.“You cannot paint oak – the grain is too deep – and when you put lacquer over it they look fake and gross because you can still see the grain,” she says.“Homeowners should also contemplate having them professionally sprayed in a booth to avoid having the marks of brushes and rollers seen in the end product.”Lounsbury says homeowners shouldn’t cut costs on paint and are advised to use a high-quality, semi-gloss sheen after applying a primer.

While quartz, stone and marble countertops can be a major investment in a kitchen an impact can be made by installing a new countertop on a smaller space like an island.“If you go to any of the granite or marble yards, they might have off-cuts of other jobs and you could buy pieces,” says Lounsbury.

VICTORIA – Saying goodbye to an ’80s kitchen can be as easy as applying a coat of paint, modernizing lighting and installing stone countertops.

Though kitchen renovations can often require a serious financial investment, painting kitchen cabinets is a relatively inexpensive way to give the space a new look, says Lana Lounsbury, Victoria interior designer.

Red and blue kitchen accessories repeat the accent colors found in the adjacent spaces so there is a strong visual connection throughout the condo.

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Careful, when installing, make sure you measure correctly so your handle is not too low. You will be amazed how this will open up your kitchen and dining room. Last but not least, change the appliances to stainless steel. Today you can purchase stainless steel appliances for almost the same price as white or black.

If you have upper cabinets that are separating your kitchen from your dining room, remove them. The appliances together with your new handles will do the trick.

Of course, before we tackled the floor, we reviewed the layout, storage and existing lighting.

By increasing the length of the island, we gained additional room for more generously proportioned stools (important for guys! The island now includes large, deep drawers for pots and pull-outs for trash and recyclables.

This condo kitchen was stuck in the 1980s, with outdated cabinets and flooring and a shadow-casting fan/light fixture.


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