Ultimate dating weekend

“A man who watches a lot of football is a deal-breaker for me.” That way he’ll be forced to own up to how intense his interest is.

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Wandering the tailgate area with a smile and the right attitude can get you a conversation with almost anyone.

There will be some men who agree with you, but they are relatively few.

If you are a football addict (college on Saturday, pro on Sunday, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football) remember that you will likely need to compromise if you want a real relationship with a woman.

Since most of us work 40 hours a week and commute, the weekends are all we have for quality time together.

But even that is, in a sense, using football as a bonding agent.

The typical couple must spend some time negotiating the place of America’s preeminent sport within their happy home.

Is she a “football widow” spending 4th quarter Saturdays and Sundays without her man? So as the season gets going we wanted to create a guide for daters on how to use America’s 800-pound sports gorilla to their advantage. The vast majority of women think football is a complete waste of time.

Is he a doting husband who is desperately searching for time to slip off and catch up on the latest scores? Just mentioning that, “you’re not a big football fan” and that you like to spend your weekends taking drives, or getting outside, or going to movies is likely to get nods of approval from the women who are seeking refuge from the endless ballgames and beer commercials.

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Most men can’t remember a time when they didn’t know what a cornerback is, making it hard for them to teach the game effectively, but your willingness to learn and his effort to show you the finer points of the game will bring you closer and make for some fun weekend afternoons. “Why don’t we get together and watch Monday Night Football?

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