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Again, if there were a chance that Bill's final plotline was intentionally designed to dismantle and destroy True Blood's centerpiece romance once and for all, then this could have been a five-star episode.

Everybody warned Sookie that dating Bill would be bad news, and this finale confirmed that everybody was right.

So, if there's one thing we can truly appreciate about "Thank You," True Blood's otherwise highly disappointing series finale, it's that Bill exploded. The acceptability of this series finale rests on whether you thought this episode was actually trying to make us sympathize with Bill, or that his final descent was pure subversion, True Blood's sly confirmation that Bill was the secret antagonist all along.

(And am I crazy, or is this version of Hoyt way more hardened and unpleasant than he used to be?

) Anyway, yeah, the longer this wedding scene went on, the madder I got that Lafayette and Tara had been brushed aside so hard this season.

Get out of here, Hoyt and Bridget, we want to see our friends.

"Thank You" wasn't without its redeeming qualities, however, and that even includes aspects of the two plotlines I just got finished hating on.

If True Blood wanted to wring pathos from Jessica and Hoyt's reunion, why not just close the episode with Jessica showing up at his oil rig and hinting that they might be able to start over?

Instead, "Thank You" asked us to get excited about a wedding between two characters we'd long since stopped rooting for, and then proceeded to subject us to several interminable scenes about it.

Sure, his final plea for Sookie to kill him (and use the last of her faerie powers in the process) was nowhere near the blood-soaked assholery of his Billith stint, but perhaps this made his final request that much more insidious.

He not only sought to condemn Sookie to a lifetime of trauma by having staked her former lover; he wanted to rob her of her very identity in the process.

And Jessica and Hoyt's wedding scene: Such a nice touch that Sookie could suddenly hear Bill's thoughts.


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