Tiny toon adventures s01e41 dating acme acres style saints

" Buster: "Well Barbara Ann" (Babs became angry as Buster said her real name and small comes out of her ears) Babs: "Don't call me that! occasionally we on tiny toon, provide a public service ." (Babs then pushed Buster and explain one of the early services then did) Babs: "Like the time we told you to find you Brussel sprouts in your napkin." (Buster then push Babs back to finish him announcement) Buster: "Yeah, and today we are going to address a topic that looms a head for all of us." Babs: "College?

After stopping at the "X" where he is eating the bird food, Calamity is seen behind a corner laughing that he took the bait.

As he was checking his watch for the time where the sun will be on the highest point, the scene changes to the sun where it moves to exactly at the point where it is over the magnify glass as Beeper is eating the seeds.

" (A giant Dollar sign appears) Buster: "Worse" (Babs' closet appears) Babs: "CLEANING MY CLOSET?! " (Buster then goes through a short montage of Insane Wild Takes, then we see Babs again, next to a rope) Babs: (Normal Voice) "Rule #1 girls, never underestimate the power of spandex) (Babs then pulled the rope to reveal that it was holding water, which was used to clam Buster down and he spit out a fish) Buster: (Calm) "Thanks! " (The wraparound faded to show the first cartoon) (The cartoon begins in Buster room where we see him lying on his bed, about to tell the viewers his guide of dating) Buster: "So you want to ask out that certain someone, Face to Face this could be brutal" (Buster picked up his phone) Buster: "Rule #2, use the telephone" (Buster then dial the number and while the phone rang, he tells the viewers another important fact) Buster: "If she refuses, you could always pretend this was a prank call" (After a few rings, it is revealed that the person Buster called was Babs) Babs: "Hello" Buster: "Hiya Bobble-Ink, Hows about we take in a flick in Friday 8 pm?

" (A giant heart-shape candy box appears) Buster: "No it's dating! " (We then goes to Babs' room where she covered the phone and explain the next rule of dating) Babs: "Rule # 3, Never let yourself seem to anxious" (Babs the talked on the phone) Babs: "Why Buster, are you asking me out on a date?

" (The camera then turns to see Beeper running (which later shows a subtitle that said: Expedious Birdius Translated: Fast Bird)) Beeper: "Beep, beep!

" (As he pasted a parking meter, which spinned in circles and then showed a "Violation" sign.

" (Babs then whistled for the next scene) Babs: "New Background please." (We then skipped to a new scene where Buster and Babs are in a office where Buster is still angry at Babs for calling him a Dweeb and Babs dress like a doctor with her hair in a strange style) Buster: "What, What do you mean Dweeb?! " Babs: (German Accent) "To see if you compatible date, It is necessary to perform a little psychological evaluation, Hahahha!

" (Babs then pushed a button on the computer which shows a ink blot) Babs: "What does this picture remind you of?

" Buster: "I thought we were going dutch" Babs: "(Making Buzz sound) wrong! Bunny's voice in a scary tone, which frighten Buster) Mr. " Buster: (scared tone) "You gotta meet her folks" (We then see Buster as he is coming down the hole from an elevator pad and is in the middle of hallway.

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