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I get it, everyone has lives outside of the internet.I’m not asking for 500 replies a day, however, I do want more than one reply a week.

Just incase, while ny writing here is pretty lax, I can promise I am much more neat and dedicated when actually roleplaying, but OOC its basically like this 24/7 ((Side note lol the Rhys mentioned down there is a character in the series, not me. ))I do have a specific TFTBL plot I was thinking about revolving around a Jack/Rhys central pairing and any other we might like to add, but not many people have been interested. I’ve played all of the Tales of games released in the US EXCEPT for Eternia and Vesperia. I've also only played the first three games and Ace Attorney Investigations. You wanna test a new OC or practice a canon against him? There are also a few fandoms that I play, but only with an oc cast such as: Dead Space, Gravity Rush, Fatal Frame, Etrian Odyssey, and Silent Hill. I would like someone to be a Pokemon for my female trainer.

It features canon divergence from Jack's death in Borderlands 2, where he manages to survive, while Lilith and her group think him dead. That doesn't mean you can't play these characters! Mostly looking for a Neku or whomever you want to throw at me. I can play Ravio or Midna for one of your ocs, if you'd like. I'm looking for a Miles Edgeworth to my male oc and for you, I can play Franziska von Karma for fxf. Note: for Silent Hill, I will NOT be playing romance. If it’s along the lines of what’s mentioned above, then by all means. Amaterasu), a 999/Zero Escape based roleplay, Demon Gaze, Dragon’s Crown, Animal Crossing (humanized villagers), and more. I'm looking for someone that is okay with trainers and Pokemon involved in smutty activities with each other, as that will be in the roleplay quite a lot. I'm not looking for any pure females atm, but I will accept shemale/futa characters!

This is where is probably goes as follows; Jack still wants to take the vault and get off of Pandora, and Rhys convinces him not to kill him and his friends and he can have Angel back. (Please give me at least 3 paragraphs and I'll be happy with that. If you're not up for that, I do love Sorax Riku--I'll be playing Sora. )As for any turn-ons, the only real one I'm feeling is threesomes.

That's how they all end up going on said journey to get Gortys, and along the way Jack starts to see Rhys as not so much a willing hostage and something a little more. I’m a 29 year old lady with a full time standard 9-5 job. Anything less and I get put out and most likely will not respond back to you out of disappointment ^^; Sorry.) I will also match my partner's response length.- My hard limits are rape, vore, mpreg (good god no mpreg never ever mpreg), pedophilia, and a few others in between, but those are the big ones. I have a couple AU ideas, considering, well, you know how Fire Emblem is. (I love this ship with my whole heart.)Final Fantasy. Some characters I play are Lightning (my favorite), Cecil Harvey, Yuna, Cloud Strife, Kadaj, Vanille, Terra Branford, Garnet til Alexandros/Dagger, Bartz, Faris, Noel Kreiss, Ramza (Tactics), and some others here and there. Hope (I play Lightning and have some au ideas for this), Zack/Cloud (I play Cloud), Tidus/Yuna (I play Yuna), Fang/Vanille (I play Vanille. As for what I don't do, I don't do toilet/feet stuff, expansion/inflation, or pregnancy. Contact me at: Kik: Mooch Master Skype: Cammicallie007E-mail: Skele [email protected]!!

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Welcome to my cravings search thread, and thank you for taking the time to look! I’m a female, 18 and as of right now I’m only working (though I will be attending college in the fall) so I do have a bit of free times on my hand, until then.

I do all pairings and genders, and will only roleplay with people that are fine with doing the same. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a Persona or Persona based roleplay! My favorite pairing for Persona is Yu/Souji/Protagonistx Yosuke. I am seriously craving another Yu/Yosuke roleplay like woah. I also REALLY like the idea of the P3 Female Protagonist/Minakox Mitsuru. (Note: my demon will not be your character's butler. He can change his gender, so he can be a she.) *Please note, that sebciel is a GIANT NOTP of mine, so don't even ask for it. The first thing I'm looking for is a Sorey to my Mikleo. I range from Final Fantasy, most anime, and fantasy role playing.


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