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The ID will be readable by passport readers and it could be programmed to contain holder's electronic signature, health insurance data, public transport subscription information, as well as, information usually contained in a driving licence.E-government portals will be made compatible with the new ID design.

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ID card has the same shape and size as many other ID cards, as specified by the ISO/IEC 7810 standard.

It features a light red and blue background, colors of the Serbian flag.

Serbian ID does not feature contactless RFID chip, so it is not a fully ICAO9303 compliant biometric travel document.

About two thirds of citizens applying for the ID card opt for the chipped version.

This has caused some controversy, since obviously national ID card will be difficult to use as a valid ID document abroad, except in those countries which also use Cyrillic script.

Nevertheless, the chip-less version of the ID card uses Latin and Cyrillic scripts and has the holder's name printed in Latin script.

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Validity of the document is ten years from the date of handing in the application, while processing time is up to 15 days.


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