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This will enable you pick the mobile numbers directly on the M-PESA menu while carrying out M-PESA transactions.

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When you perform a SIM replacement on your Safaricom line, you need to re-activate your M-PESA account. If you receive an SMS or a call from someone claiming they have sent you money by mistake, please do not send it back before you check your current M-PESA balance.

When sending money via M-PESA, make sure you double check the phone number you are sending money to.

But many customers reported they had faced issues like delay in those systems.

However, Airtel’s new solution to upgrade the SIM through the app is lot more easy as one can easily upgrade with scanning the code of the new SIM sachet through the app.

This move from Airtel is industry’s first as other operators are not offering such kind of benefits to end users.

However to upgrade to 4G , it requires a new 4G USIM, which is available at any Airtel store.

It costs KSh 50 for a SIM replacement and KSh 100 for a new Safaricom line.

As a part to upgrade customers on 4G network ; country’s largest mobile operator Bharti Airtel has now launched ‘Easy SIM Swap through mobile app’.

To help you avoid M-PESA fraud, we have introduced a new Safaricom SIM card which allows you to save the phone numbers that you frequently use for your M-PESA transactions.

You can save the numbers on your SIM card as SIM contacts.

When you perform an M-PESA transaction, a text message is sent to your account.

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