Smith college dating scene

" Indeed, from "on-campus resources to internship and job opportunities—Smith gives students the means to thrive in the world." To begin with, it's definitely not uncommon for professors to "[go] out of their way to help [students] find contacts and resources for jobs." What's more, according to a grateful American studies major, "The Career Development Office will do everything in its power to help you get a job/internship." With its myriad of workshops, Preparing for Finance Interviews or Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience for example, Smith students can confidently enter the job market.They can visit the office to get assistance in tweaking their resumes and cover letters or to gain insight in the grad school admissions process.

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Smithies have a tremendous library at their fingertips, too, with over 1 million items to help their research.

The library offers students a huge resource as they implement and advance their ideas.

In addition to Smith’s storied history, liberal arts background, and strong collaborative culture, Smith’s major growth has been in research and the sciences, including their engineering and sustainability programs.

The Picker Engineering Program calls Ford Hall home, a $473 million, 142,000-square-foot structure dedicated to science and engineering.

A sampling of Smith professors currently making waves globally include: Ruth Haas, the Achilles Professor of Mathematics and Statistics and professor of engineering, who was the 2014 winner of the Association for Women in Mathematics Humphreys Award for mentorship of undergraduate women in mathematics; Richard Olivo, professor of biological sciences, who was awarded for outstanding contributions to neuroscience education and training; Paula Giddings, the E. Woodson 1922 Professor of Afro-American Studies, who keynoted the Martin Luther King convocation at Jackson State University; and Joshua Miller, a professor in the Smith College School for Social Work who received a U. State Department grant to continue his conflict resolution work with nonprofit and government leaders in Uganda and Rwanda.

A Class of 2002 Smithie told us, “Smith chose me in a way that makes me smile to this day.

"One of the most prominent women's colleges in the country," Smith "builds the self-confidence of smart women," and "most classes, even in math and sciences, are very interdisciplinary and often have a feminist bias." Classes are "engaging and promote critical thought," and professors are "inspiring, dynamic, accessible, and brilliant." Smith professors "care deeply about students" and "take the time to get to know you on a first-name basis." Smith also offers fabulous academic facilities and "countless resources" to augment your education, including a "wonderful study abroad department" and ample opportunities for research.

There's "a large number of undergrads doing serious scientific research" in addition to course work.

I didn’t know how much Smith would make me grow, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.” Current students point out they were initially drawn to Smith through the accomplishments of other alumnae, especially in leadership positions.

Smith has proven these women have a lot to brag about.

An assistant engineering professor said that this research “is an opportunity for students to investigate a subject that interests them with less faculty direction than is typical in the academic year and with less certainty as to what the outcome will be.”As Steven Williams, Gates Professor of Biological Science, said, “Nothing is more fun than when a student gets a great research result and comes bouncing into the lab because she’s so excited about it.” Smith faculty enjoys helping students succeed. Williams’ lab “received a 0,000 Grand Challenges Exploration Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—one of only 81 grants awarded worldwide—for research on health issues in the developing world.” So, while students are hard at work developing their ideas, professors like Dr.

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