Should christians do online dating

It was common in the Old Testament for men and women to be married by arrangement, but after the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, a new covenant was made. This means that prayer and serious meditation must occur when a Christian is choosing when to date and who to make that date with.

If it were only as easy as asking God to send you the right mate, none of us would ever have to date.

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podcast and answered ten questions on singleness and dating.

We get a lot of questions from young Christian men and women who are “not yet married.” Their season of life awakens many desires and hopes, uncertainties and insecurities, and tricky pastoral questions.

God wants us to date and to marry, and God wants to guide us in this process — but there are still some issues that come up in Christian dating that can’t be addressed through prayer alone. In general, the more conservative and more evangelical a Christian is, the less likely that Christian is to want to involve intimacy in a dating relationship.

There is a growing movement among very Fundamentalist Christians toward something called “courting”.

If you believe God is calling you to avoid sex until marriage — do so.

If, on the other hand, you don’t think you are breaking a covenant with God by being intimate with someone you’re dating, don’t feel guilty about your decision.

However, as we know, God doesn’t usually communicate that directly.

You can talk to God in prayer and let God know your feelings and questions — that you want to know if you are ready to date, and that you’re wondering how to decide who to date — but you must be willing to listen to the “still small voice” for your answer.

For instance, I know I would be less likely to be involved in a religion that forbids me to have an intimate relationship — much less if that religion forbids me from even touching or thinking about a woman I have feelings for.

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