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Date Outline 17/03/2017 Two PCSOs, previously employed by Greater Manchester Police, have today been sentenced to a total of almost three years imprisonment at Liverpool Crown Court for offences of misconduct in a public office.

He has been ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years in prison.

He was found guilty yesterday after a trial at Preston Crown Court.

03/02/2017 Three Hungarian nationals have today been sentenced to a total of 25 and a half years imprisonment at Manchester Crown Court for human trafficking, forced labour and controlling prostitution between 1st November 2015 and 26th February 2016.

31/01/2017 A 16-year-old youth has been found guilty at Manchester Crown Court of manslaughter and a 44-year-old man has been found guilty of causing death by careless driving of 43-year-old Bradley Moore outside Mc Donald's in Ashton town centre on 27 July 2016.

27/01/2017 Two men have today been sentenced to four years each at Burnley Crown Court for causing death by dangerous driving of nine year old Aleena Kauser on Bacup Road, Rawtenstall on 18th September 2015.

27/01/2017 Four men have today been found guilty at Preston Crown Court of wounding a man in Morecambe and kidnapping another man in Lancaster on 5th September 2016 as they enforced drugs debts.

17/03/2017 The Court of Appeal has increased the sentence of 35 year old Lee Heywood by 50 per cent after the CPS referred it to the Attorney General's Office to be considered as an unduly lenient sentence.

15/03/2017 A 39 year old man has today pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 48 weeks imprisonment at Barrow Crown Court for possessing a sawn off shotgun in 2015.

15/12/2016 A 55 year old man has been jailed for eight and a half years at Preston Crown Court for sexually abusing a teenage girl between March 2015 and June 2016. 15/12/2016 A 36 year old man has been jailed for eight and a half years at Preston Crown Court for conspiracy to blackmail a woman in Preston and running a brothel at Victoria Road, Fulwood.

He was also given a Serious Crime Prevention Order for five years and was disqualified from driving for two years upon his release from prison.

07/02/2017 A 19 year old man has today been sentenced to 24 weeks imprisonment at Manchester City magistrates' court for racially aggravated assault and verbal abuse of a man on a tram, and verbal threats and assault of two other men in the street in Manchester city centre on 28th June 2016.

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