Samsung galaxy s3 weather widget not updating 3gp xx avea

If the forecast is not updated then you will still have the same info on your phone.It's not like someone is looking outside in your area and updating Accuweather.It has just passed a couple of weeks since the Galaxy S4 system dump was leaked on the net and our developers are already busy with porting the goodies from the S4 to other Android devices.

When the phone boots, press/tap the Home button on your phone to launch the S4’s Touch Wiz launcher.

In case the launcher and weather widget apps do not show up, navigate to the System/app folder with a root file manager app, find the .

Download and install Samsung Galaxy S5 launcher and Accuweather widget on your Galaxy S3.

GS3 users are enjoying Galaxy S5 applications and features too, not only GS4 users.

Okay is it just me or are smartphones and widgets behind times, the weather widget on my Samsung Nexus does not update, for example it says it's still raining when the rain stopped 3 hours ago in my city and it's sunshine outside, I can calculate that the widget is behind for at least 5 hours.

It says that the temp outside is 40 F but in reality it's already 55 F because it's noon but it's giving me the temp from am (the widget's settings asks you if you want your weather updated every 15, 30 min or 1 hour intervals but it's B.Anyone got any ideas on getting this widget working?as i do like the background lockscreen to change weather types.When it is set, reboot the phone and it should work. I have my weather widget set to update every hour and it will no longer update. Even if I press the refresh icon on it, it still won't refresh and give me the proper weather. In the interest of balancing useful information and battery life, the News and Weather widget in Android (for example) updates as soon as the widget is viewed after sleep. The last Weatherbug update included some way to share your weather socially. I have one app that updates every time they add an asian keyboard. With Android doing at least 4 versions - things are bound not to work on at least one update.


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