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I love the sound and how they cut through,even without being amped. Gary Ploughman: Thanks for the info,can you elaborate as to the two items you mentioned. The Lugs for a mid 60s Dyna are heavier than the 1977 versions.

Also is there a major difference between the older Dynasonics and the Big R`s as it relates to quality and sound? Side by side, few people could tell which is which given equal tuning and set up.

With the earlier drums having a smaller solid knob, Fullerton drums having a larger knob, and Big R drums changing from this larger solid knob to a lighter weight cheaper version by the 1983 year.

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But: that is an old list, and some of that data has changed since then.

It came to be over 10 years ago in an attempt to organize some known facts, and both Kelly Smith and Rob Cook are to be commended for their efforts - but a lot more has been uncovered since then.

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For the Dynasonics it's ok, but even there there are problems; there are number ranges like 03xxx/05xxx/07xxx shown - there were never any numbers starting with a zero, and 3xxx is shown as a separate range adding to the confusion. Luxor, Spotlight and Mercury should have their own columns as well, and there should be separate columns for Powertone snares and Powertone drums after the rename from Holiday in 1970.

The major problem is that column where ' Holiday' is mixed in with Londoner, Constellation, Headliner, Spotlight, Starlight, Swingtime etc. There is nothing that connects the layout of a drumkit, e.g. What had numbers were the individual drum models, i.e. Each of the different model drums were used in various set configurations.

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The dating guide shows 9xxx-10xxx as being 1957 Cleveland with black then flat grey interiors, but beavertails didn't really start until '64, right?

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