Reviews on dating sites

A ton of generic open-ended questions like “What are your hobbies? We appreciated sites like OKCupid that went beyond that and offered fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice options as well as some more unique open-ended questions.Using a three-point scale (Bad, Mediocre, and Good), we categorized each message we received.But ultimately, it fell short of the top spot because the quality just wasn’t there.

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POF’s website isn’t very intuitive, which can make finding that needle in a haystack even more complicated.

Add to that a barrage of notifications every time someone so much as looks at your profile and it’s easy to see why some users get fed up and never come back.

We made profiles on four dating sites and evaluated them on the quality of the matches they provided and overall usability.

First, we looked at how easy it was to create a unique and interesting profile.

You’ll want to adjust the amount of notifications you receive unless you enjoy a nonstop live stream of what’s happening with your dating profile. According to one study, it’s responsible for 5.7 percent of online-dating marriages.

In addition to a standard search function, POF offers personality and compatibility tests to help you home in on those users that are most in line with what you’re looking for.

You don’t want a buggy web page or a confusing interface making your job even harder.

We favored sites with a clean visual design that made it easy to build your profile and search for matches. If you’re interested in casual dating, you can get by just fine on a free site.

The rest were either impersonal, spammy, a neg, and/or downright obscene.


  1. The sites are optimised sites for fastest downloading and reloading of pages. This table shows the top ranking home pages with fastest and slowest download times . We used the website website on 1.5Mb DSL connection Broadband in Wellington NZ to simulate a fair test of all the webpages.

  2. What if you want to select one of the items in the grid, and display an edit panel for that user? Take a look at my post called Creating a Gridview and Formview Master/Child page for more information.

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