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Tons of people browse subreddits by the newest content posted, so you can rest assured that -- unless you're posting to a subreddit without many readers -- you're going to see voting happen almost immediately.

If you start noticing down-votes happening but you're sure your content is good, perhaps you should consider posting it to a different subreddit or with a different title.

Some of you may ask, "Why even bother with something as pointless as building link karma?

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And don't remove your post if you've only received one or two down-votes off the bat.

When you start hitting around 3-5 down-votes, I've found that's a good indicator of where things are going to head.

And if you keep that post up and it continues to amass down-votes, guess what that affects? 3 - If you want to get the most bang for your buck when posting safe-for-work content, post somewhere between AM and PM EST.

If you're looking to post something a bit more NSFW or "off-color," then posting between - PM EST has managed to bode well for me.

Now, if you, as a Redditor, do not want YOUR user profile to show up in a Google search like this, then all you have to do is head on over to your preferences and check the following box within your privacy options: Lastly, since Google only shows 55 pages of results, you can work on refining the query I posted above.

For example, you could start by searching for the specific amount of time a Redditor has been on the site and start getting more specific from there: Search for those who have been a Redditor for 1 year: "redditor for 1 year" intitle:"overview for" "link karma" -inurl:sort Search for those who have been a Redditor for 2 years: "redditor for 2 years" intitle:"overview for" "link karma" -inurl:sort Search for those who have been a Redditor for 3 years: "redditor for 3 years" intitle:"overview for" "link karma" -inurl:sort With that said, head on over to the next page where I continue the link karma-building fun and ultimately conclude the post with some general tips and a personal philosophy of how I feel about all of the methods I've discussed (hint: I'm in favor of recirculating great content).

Before we get started, I created a rage comic to go along with this post for my fellow F7U12 Redditors (click the image below to see the full comic): The first method I'm going to cover is one that establishes a foundation for all the methods I cover in the post.

With that said, I'm starting with you Redditors who have been around for a while and have a number of successful posts.

Additionally, I want you to highlight "link karma" for me in the description snip-it you provide so I can quickly see just how much link karma any given user has without having to click through to their profile." With that query in Google, I've made it easy for you to find Reddit users like this who have over 47,000 link karma, but there's a hitch: Good luck going page-by-page through this particular user's history using Reddit's in-built "prev/next" functionality (seriously, can we get some pagination going, Reddit? As such, a nice little workaround is to view that user's top-rated content for all time and start your search from there. Have a look at the screen shot below: As you can see, Reddit allows us a "sort by" function, whereby we can sort content in a number of ways.

Here, our preference is to sort by "top" and make sure the "links from" section is set to "all time." Once you do that, that user's posts will all be sorted by number of total up-votes, which you can see on the left.

If, however, you're a Reddit junkie who is "fiending" for a karma fix, then implementing the following methods should help your link karma numbers climb drastically.


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