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They are typical AFC stuff, women receive 20 of them each day in their inbox and only respond to them if the guy looks like George Clooney.

Or they'll respond with a view to chat with you, not fuck you (attention whoring). Very clever openers can get women to respond to you who aren't interested in meeting you at all.

Chatrandom thaillande - Pua internet dating openers

Are all girls from ___ as pretty as you because I might move there soon. Wow, what a simple profile but you're not a simple girl, now are you? Most of my lays have been offline but I can't always afford to go out and get laid. Come to think of it, half the stuff up there, I just thought would be funny.

If you want to know how a good opener looks like, DASF the old posts on this board. They're just examples of shit I've used when I didn't feel like reading some long profile. Whenever I search for online openers, all I ever see is to read everything which gets boring, SOMETIMES I just want to use something canned and be over with it so I can move onto the next one that actually has an interesting profile that I would want to read before messaging.

In addition, make sure you are putting your absolute best foot forward with your pictures. Get your best pictures rated for free on websites like Face The and Hotor Even with all the stuff that’s out there, you still need to know how to sift through it and separate out all the crap.

You’re either throwing shit against the wall or you’re being strategic. Your best bet is to find someone who’s style you agree with and then learn from them versus trying to create a Frankenstein-method, sticking good advice together with shitty advice and expecting the system to work.

Collecting GOOD, RELIABLE feedback in every way you can is essential to quickly developing a winning strategy. Legend and I wrote a book on how to successfully Meet Girls Online.

Like everything else we produce, it to work is we are real-time coaches in the real world.

Hey Edge, I know that you talk about in-field action and motivation a lot, so I want you to know that I’m not trying to avoid being in field.

Still, I work odd hours and the nights that most people are out, I’m working security.

I want to learn how to get women interested in me online, but I’m having no luck. I’m an evangelist for guys taking effective action in field.

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