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Dating is a ride full of ups and downs, and most of the time the downs are caused by misunderstanding.

Everyone is getting into a relationship and I can’t find my other sock. If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive; they would eventually find me attractive When I’m drunk on Tinder, everybody gets a like!

What if Cosmopolitan gives bad relationship advice so women keep buying them forever Date someone who spoils you, always says how beautiful you are, and never thinks you’ve had enough to eat. When your Ex tweets about loyalty My ex waiting for someone better to come along.

Alternatively, we could have called this 'Harry Potter and the Wit of Steel' or something but we'll give Dan at least a little bit of distance from all that.

Not a lot of distance, because we'll forever think of Harry Potter whenever we look at him.

Psycho Ex Boyfriend Meme One year later, Choice to return to to the learning center.

I took my three month old healthy baby girl with me, snuggled near in babies sling.

And now, here's our round-up of The 50 Funniest Overly Attached Girlfriend Memes.

Psycho Ex Boyfriend Meme Psycho Ex Boyfriend Meme A regarding times rather than weight lifting find themselves asking to quit smoking my boyfriend back.

From hoarding your things, to moving in, to thinking about your distant family future on the first date, this girl has absolutely no social skills and definitely puts the cart before the horse. In fact, the girl from the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme hypothetically counts the eggs before the chicken is even pregnant.

Kind of makes you wonder about all the real over attached girlfriends and what's going through their heads. I mean, it must get a little better once they're actually showed the love they want.

But just enough distance to make a joke about it in the description instead of in the title.

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