Pressure sore risk validating an assessment tool

I must have been blushing even back there, on my bottom, because I knew his finger was in there actually ... "He felt me inside there like that for what seemed like a long time, and finally he slid his finger out and said that that was very nice, and I quickly stood up, really bright red, I'm sure, and pulled my panties up, and then I watched while he did the same thing to Karen. He made it seem like there was some secret between us or something." "That and being afraid, too, that I wouldn't be able to do this right and wouldn't get the money. Darcy straightened her pretty blue skirt on the way toward it. My eyes were glued to her bottom as she moved toward the cooler. I had the feeling at that moment that it was probably the most beautiful one I had ever seen, even though my appraisal was severely restricted by the blue fabric that adorably covered it. I realized then that I had gone completely over the edge. I would need to tell Darcy that I was very interested in her and liked her very much. She smiled again, and then took a drink of water and set the glass on the table and settled deeper into the chair. I asked her if she had had any experience with the ... She said that the way to do it was to pretend, like Mr. It had been kind of arousing seeing her naked in her pictures and then seeing her bent over with her dress up and Mr. She unbuttoned the first two buttons of my blouse and gently caressed my breast through my bra.I have to admit that it turned me on a little because there was her pretty rear end with him examining her like that. I didn't dream I would get the job itself, on the, you know, the 'project,' because, like I said, I have no experience in acting or modeling or anything, but I at least hoped I could get the five thousand dollars. Clarendon seemed to read my mind just then because he took out a folder and handed each of us five thousand dollars in new hundred dollar bills, fresh with bank wrappers and everything. but that for personal reasons I would not be able to be her therapist, and that I would be happy to refer her to another qualified person that I knew could help her. I could almost see the stress she had been carrying fall from her in waves. Clarendon had said, that we were passionately in love, to just sort of surrender inside to what that feeling would really be like, and then to just be spontaneous and let it sort of unfold naturally. I had decided that I would really try and do what Karen said, pretend that I was really passionately attracted to her physically, so I'm not sure at this point if I was starting to pretend that already or if I really was. Clarendon's finger in her." "I guess I was already trying to imagine what it would be like to put my own finger inside her, because I assumed they would want me to do that, what it would be like to actually feel her ... Then she leaned over and gave me a very sweet kiss on the cheek, smelling my hair, and slid her fingers under my bra on my breast and started fondling it. She whispered to me that she was really going to love this so much because I was so beautiful and she loved my body everywhere and was really looking forward to kissing me all over. She asked me if I had to urinate really bad, and I said that I did. get a 'debriefing' or something." The first thing I noticed about Darcy when we met was that she was probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. He revolutionized the field of therapy, getting the therapist out from behind the desk and down off the arrogant, Freudian pedestal. My practice is humming, with fifteen paying clients. and didn't want to walk all the way to the bathroom.

I'm a non-directive therapist because that works best. I had curled my legs beneath me in my chair, getting comfortable. Anyway, then he put his hands on my stomach and asked me if I had to go to the bathroom and I said that I did, which was true because of all that water I drank. I couldn't believe it." "It was just so, you know, astonishing to me, really. I got up and grabbed my clothes and went in the bathroom and sponged myself off with a wash cloth where urine had splashed inside my legs and then I got dressed and went back out. It did get me thinking about that one relationship I had had with, you know, my cousin, and how I felt about that. I would have these fantasies about Veronica when I did that, I remember." "I read it lots of times before I responded.

I was wearing a spring pantsuit, light cotton, with a green and yellow floral print. He kissed my stomach -- he kissed it in a really nice way, actually, like he respected me a lot or something -- and then he lay on his back and I went ahead and straddled his chest and he put his fingers on my ... It felt so strange on top of him like that, naked, with my legs touching his skin, looking down at my pee flowing out on his chest. And he was actually drinking it and playing with himself at the same time." "I really peed a lot, in his mouth. He had his clothes back on and gave me two one-hundred dollar bills. Anyway, he said that he wanted to do that every day, drink my pee. I was very interested in the five thousand dollars. Almost everyone feels sexual attraction for both males and females at different times in their lives.

I also pride myself in being in control all the time when I am in that therapist chair. Or he would have me go in the bathroom with him and he would get down on the floor and have me put a leg up on the toilet seat and then he'd get between my legs." "No, except, well, he did seem to like my ... "That second time, when he had me lie back on the edge of the bed, while I was urinating in his mouth, he lifted my legs up and started putting his finger on my ... That's where the audition was, in one of their fancy suites." "I thought that, too. He said that the cameras were going to be interested in getting lots of very wet mouth kissing and that they would want to see our tongues a lot.

I am a disciplined and neutral container for anything that the client chooses to bring to the session. My own personal material or interests have no place there. I should have followed with her about the boarding house, the classes, the things she bought. you know, my other hole, and then he slid his finger in it. I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to do that." "Well, I sort of thought about it. They said they were going to select 20 girls for the project. He said that the idea was that we loved each other so much physically that we were trying to get inside each other's bodies, get the other ones' body inside of us. He said those parts should be really unhurried and gentle.

But something broke right then for just an instant. She was indeed a little girl, a little girl for whom some event had brought her to the very threshold of womanhood, and she wanted me to navigate for her as she traveled across that threshold. He really liked putting his finger way up inside back there. I always made sure I went to the bathroom back there before I came to meet him so it would be ... That seemed so nasty to me when I thought about it. It turned out that this guy behind it was just this kinky multimillionaire type of guy. Clarendon." "He was there greeting me when I went to the suite that day of the audition, although I didn't know at the time that he was the actual guy behind it. He said to be as creative and spontaneous as we could in how we came in contact with and exchanged each other's ... He said we would be naked on a big king-sized bed, and that there would be microphones for the sound, too. It had talked about that in the letter I got, how we had to be, you know, ready. We only had ten minutes left in the session anyway. "I feel as though you know the answer to that, Darcy.

A vivid vision leapt into my brain, completely unbidden. It was what I do best, the very work that is closest to my heart. He emphasized that it didn't have to all be perfect at all, to just take our time and try and really get into each other in a really sensual way. Actually, I was a little uncomfortable because it was one o'clock in the afternoon, and I usually go to toilet first thing in the morning. Even amid these thoughts, my loins were aching with desire for her precious body. You are a warm and lovely person with nothing in this world to be ashamed of.

Then she took her tongue out of my mouth and whispered that I had really sexy grunts and that she was really going to enjoy kissing my bottom hole and playing with them and tasting them. She had reached over and put her finger under my panties again and was gently stroking my sex, which was getting pretty wet." I could relate. "Karen moaned and pushed down and her bottom hole seemed to open up a little and I felt the little clumps of her poop move down along the tip of my finger.

She took her finger out and put it in her mouth and sucked it, smiling at me, which really blew me away, and then told me to feel hers, and she guided my hand in between her legs and under her panties and I found her bottom hole with my finger and put it up inside of her. A little bit of air came out, and it felt like maybe she was going to do them out right there. She asked me if I could feel her grunts, and I said that I could.

I decided to write this book shortly after Darcy De Vries came into my life. She had chestnut brown hair, creamy-white skin, and delicate, angelic features. During our first meeting, Darcy asked how much the sessions would cost. I just thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and go right there, in my bathing suit. The sun felt so good, and the green grass smelled so good, and I just ...

Darcy's arrival was the beginning of things, and the end of other things. But it is mostly about the great, unspeakable, forbidden taboo in matters of love. She was anxious to have an appointment when she called on the phone that morning. "I've been through sort of an ordeal," she told me on the phone. I feel like I need to talk to someone in detail about it. Her physical loveliness had a tragic intensity that can best be described as heartbreaking. We were sitting in comfortable chairs, facing each other, with nothing between us. She hadn't made that inquiry when she called on the phone, which is unusual. In my own personal theory of the Universe, the crowing achievement of the Goddess of Creation is the female derriere. It certainly wouldn't have been difficult to launch into vivid fantasies of what Darcy's adorable bottom would look like, uncovered and open. I had been swimming in this little rubber wading pool we had and was lying on my stomach on the grass next to where my mother was reading. It was a little one-piece navy blue one, I remember. went." "Suddenly my mother was grabbing me and dragging me in the house and into the bathroom. I express the emotions for clients that they can't access themselves.

I imagined my tongue between those moist, luscious lips, gilding into the tasty, pink interior passage, filling her. And then, Karen whispered that if I would let her feel my 'grunts,' she would let me feel hers. She found my bottom hole with her finger tip and then real gently started feeling it, and then she put her tongue into my mouth while at the same time sliding her finger into my bottom. She made a soft little moan and I could tell she was touching my actual poop with her finger. Her touch was so gentle, I couldn't believe it the way she was caressing me. Without really thinking, I started sort of sucking her tongue.

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