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Madeleine Altmann and Steffani Martin spend a lot of time in their 100 sq.meter studio on 14th Street in Manhattan, getting their new business started, working out programming bugs and training their BABES.

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This image, when detached from touch, becomes the prosthesis of perception (especially in contrast to techno mysticism) and is transformed as the object of desire, a virtual image used for the fulfillment of fantasy.

With the added ability to interact with the real/virtual body, important power shifts take place between the sex worker and the client.

She became known as "the media empress" in San Francisco because of her cable show Erotica SF, and her award winning videos.

Steffani Martin has been actively engaged in the sex industry for the past 15 years, as a producer of soft erotica, and as a content provider for cable and satellite TV and on-line services.

The women understood quite fully that in phone sex (like in today's Cybersex practicioners) the power is the intellect.

With the addition of video (and simultaneous sound via telephone) the "real" body is uploaded to dataspace where it becomes "virtual".

The customers recognize their enthusiasm for the site, and often send personal gifts to their favorite BABE.

Looking out the window at Nell's, one of New York's popular nightclubs, we had a lively late night discussion.

"We were so excited to meet each other and find someone (else) who was not afraid to deal with sexuality in an open and frank manner..." Steffani, who Madeleine says was very forthcoming with information, says, "yes, when I feel I am helping somebody, then it is OK..money at stake." Madeleine recognizes that most of her male friends have had some experience with the porn industry, either they buy magazines, rent movies, or have paid for sex...not the women. regardless of right or wrong women should be making the money." Let's cash in - girls!

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