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Had interest from city to city(Toronto/Guelph/Hamilton/etc.) but never had previous members cities contact me.(meaning once Toronto members replied they never did again) only replies/responses within a few minutes of logging on..after words...I believe that the site employees are responding..real's like there are several employees of ihookup have a number of ID's associated to them and respond once they see your ID log on.

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At first I was intimidated by hundreds of negative reviews I have seen all across the web.

But here is the truth about most guys posting negative reviews, and I will explain it with two words only - Wrong Expectations!!!

Even on Hookup, generally seen as the best of these kind of sites, you won get laid that fast! patience then you will get what you're looking for eventually and it will be well worth it. I found this during my search for fun sex chat, but I noticed some things that were too good to be true.

But if you use a couple of these great sites together and put in the three key ingredients - 1. One, many girls were in the same metro I live in or Inglewood, California.

on for 2 months...600 texts received..are some issues: 1.

Would also suggest if you are looking for a hookup site that is cheap and still has plenty of real girls.texts come within a few minutes of logging on...after 10 minutes you'll not get many if any 8.texts are generated by city....first I got Toronto, then Hamilton, Kingston, was state by state....trying to extend my membership...I got a text from say Hamilton I wouldn't get any from Toronto.......consistent this way..though I sent message to Toronto 9.Within minutes of creating a legitimate profile without a picture, I had beautiful women emailing me. Plus, the website constantly has popup ads for sex videos and sex chats. I've been using Hookup Hangout as my main source of finding girls who are interested in sex chat or meeting up for casual fun, and its definitely the best out there, but sometimes you can have weekends where there isnt as much happening as you'd like.I was reading a blog about a guy who is super succesful using hook up sites and his method involved using three sites two paid and one free (like pof or tinder) and I realised it makes a lot more sense to use a few sites at the same time rather than joining one and crossing your fingers that women are just going to fall from the sky into your lap.Taiwan invasion every night around 7pm..members so how do they get onto this site..9am next morning most are removed but come back again..a secure site 4.

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