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Not far from Mayer and Perry, Demi Lovato and Niall Horan who were seen at Harry Morton's Pink Taco Century City. News that they were there together for what appeared to be a quiet and intimate date as they shared appetizers at the casual restaurant. Hey, since Niall gave Perry a smooch at the show, maybe this famous foursome can double date!

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Harry Styles has everything he has always wanted, The fame, The money, and the girls. If level headed, big time NY photographer, Louis Tomlinson were to be burdened with the chore of capturing hopelessly alcohol addicted, proper dickhead popstar Harry Styles for a magazine- would it be disastrous?

Louis Tomlinson was the total opposite hated everything, everyone. or would Louis sharp blue eye sense the emptiness in Harry's sunken green ones?

"I want to make something that people will listen to for a while, rather than something that's just trendy.

Some serious post-VMA date-night action went down last night as John Mayer and Katy Perry were spotted getting their party on while Demi Lovato and One Direction's Niall Horan shared an intimate dinner. But before you Directioners get all hot and bothered, we'll start with the John and Katy deets: The hottest new twosome in T-town showed up at the Fifth Annual House of Hype Power Players Event at the Beverly Hills Hotel following the MTV Video Music Awards last night, and although they refused to walk the red carpet together (or do any sort of press at the event) they managed to sneak in a subtle amount of PDA. with a protective entourage of about 10 people in tow.

The two stars have been rumored to be dating after Lovato admitted in an interview earlier this year she thinks Horan is "adorable." In June, Horan's bandmates picked Lovato as his perfect match during a round of "Rapid Fire Romance" on etalk.

" PHOTOS: The hottest teen idols ever While accepting his award for Best Pop Video, Horan scored a kiss during the show from a huge pop star -- and it wasn't Lovato.

Just as lost, just as sick and still not willing to be found.

------------------------------- Or the one where an really surprising friendship occurs between the famous Harry Styles and a fan who seems to be able to relate to Harry more than he knows and an awkward love triangle occurs between Harry, Diana, and Louis You never stop cutting. You can avoid the seductive call of the blade for six years but then one day, you see the steely glint of a silvery blade and your muscles tense and then you're back to where you were six years ago.

Harry Styles is a seventeen year old boy returning to school after a year spent in a juvenile detention centre and another seven months in rehab.


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