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Nothing is safe online, nor sacred, as hackers can get just about any information they’d need simply by sending a virus via email or download.

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While being shown around by one of her friendly neighbors, she learns of an online chat program called Cam2Cam, where you can interact with people online in any capacity you’d like.

Some do it for attention, some for companionship and others for money, but it appears that everyone in the area uses Cam2Cam.

A friendly boarder introduces her to Cam2Cam, a popular online chat program that allows people to interact with one another.

Curious, Allie logs on and soon discovers that there was a serial killer that used Cam2Cam to find his female victims, one of whom was staying in Allie's current room.

How a bloody character can walk or run down bustling streets without a single police interaction, or even a concerned pedestrian, WHILE HOLDING AN AXE, becomes a distracting point when trying to decipher the mystery of is a severe miscalculation while attempting to give characters life, setting actors up for failure with bottom-of-the-barrel lines.

Tammin Sursok is the only presence worthy of making an impression, guiding us through twisted connections via Cam2Cam, but her co-stars never stand a chance beyond being floppy red-herrings without personality.

Sure, these may seem like insignificant details, but when representing an entire generation, realism plays a gigantic role in cinema, and I never found myself relating to shows an inept ability to translate a lax governmental control into a seedy criminal playground.

We’ve all heard stories about the “anything goes” mentality of this debaucherous foreign vacation spot, but the extremes that main characters are able to reach become almost laughable – even while recognizing beautifully chaotic cinematography capturing bright neon Vegas-strip style signs.

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Does anyone really leave their laptop open after they’re done?


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