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The tea ceremony is a prominent feature of life in Kanazawa.Many citizens are involved with the traditions of tea on a daily basis, and ceremonies are held regularly throughout the city.

Mirviss Ltd presents the exhibition Out of the Fire: Sultry Ceramics, featuring 20 renowned Japanese artists representing the major traditions of Japanese wood-fired ceramics: Bizen, Hagi, Iga, Karatsu, Mino, Shigaraki, Tamba and Tokoname.

In modern times, as electric and gas kilns have largely replaced wood-burning kilns, these artworks, born of the heat generated by wood-fired kilns, are especially seductive and stunning.

It is the very nature of a wood-burning kiln to be essentially unpredictable.

Maintaining the high temperature required to fire ceramics necessitates consistent feeding of the fire over an extended period of time; and the interior temperature and conditions vary depending on the location inside the kiln.

By HOLLAND COTTERPublished: September 27, 2012Have any artists ever, anywhere, caught the hello-ness of spring and the farewell-ness of autumn more sweetly and sharply than the Rimpa painters of Japan?

Two shimmering fall exhibitions, one at Japan Society and the other at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, argue persuasively that no, no artists ever have.12 Septmber to 19 October The works of Nakamura Takuo, born in 1945, are the sole subject of this exhibition which is timed to coincide with the exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at Japan Society.

The well-crafted show, titled "The French Connection: Five Japanese Women Ceramists and Their Passion for France," showcases works by Futamura Yoshimi, Katsumata Chieko, Nagasawa Setsuko, Ogawa Machiko, and Sakurai Yasuko – all established their reputation through their shared love for France."Now on view at Joan Mirviss Gallery are "The French Connection: Five Japanese Women Ceramicists and a Passion for France" and "Guided by the Brush".

The exhibits present the work of five leading female ceramic artists and the work of a 99 year-old calligrapher and painter whose worldwide successes stand out in their male-dominated fields.

This autumn marks the thirty-fifth year Joan B Mirviss LTD has been a leader in the field of Japanese fine art.

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