Lotus notes calendar not updating

Then you will find that, New Contacts will get sync with Lotus Notes Address book via Traveler.

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This way device can show Contacts from all accounts without merging them.

If the contacts are merged with each other then later it is difficult to remove the contacts of that account and hence separate Contacts accounts are used.

The notes are on none of my computers or devices, nor on There are a couple of situations where I use this scenario, and I have lost a huge amount of information.

I can't always remember from computer to computer what I was thinking when I wrote those original notes.

An example; I was at one of my computers, making staff meeting notes within the calendar item.

I have been using this process in outlook 2010 for years to keep my notes available to me from where ever I am.

I am not looking for a workaround; so please don't bother replying with one. Again, this has worked flawlessly in Outlook 2010 with connector tool. I need to know if a fix is coming soon, or I will have to revert back to the previous version of Outlook, and use the connector tool.

This will not make me very happy, as our accounting program now requires the use of Outlook 2013.

However when you create a New Contact in Lotus Notes or i Notes, then that contact gets sync with Apple i Phone/i Pad device. It is important to understand that, how Apple i OS manages Contacts on device.

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