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Written in stages between 19, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling novels ever written, with over 150 million copies sold.

This handsome young dwarf is completely in love with you.

He was intrigued by your beauty at first, but soon discovered you have a great sense of humour, are fun to be around, and are loyal to those you love.

Tolkien's work has been the subject of extensive analysis of its themes and origins.

Although a major work in itself, the story was only the last movement of a larger epic Tolkien had worked on since 1917, Influences on this earlier work, and on the story of The Lord of the Rings, include philology, mythology, religion and the author's distaste for the effects of industrialization, as well as earlier fantasy works and Tolkien's experiences in World War I.

From Pán prstenu: Dve veze (2002) [during the Battle of Helm's Deep, Gimli has killed an Uruk-Hai warrior] Gimli: Legolas!

[kills another one] Legolas: [shoots two more arrows] Nineteen!You possess the inner strength and commitment to support him when he needs you, while he has the capacity to bring you all the love you deserve. He is intrigued by your wit, beauty, and cunning mind.You are the only person able to outsmart him without being thrown in his dungeons.As of Public Beta 20, when talking to a Near Haradrim, the player may be offered a quest that involves giving a certain number of dates to the Haradrim.This is a good way to build up a positive alignment with the Near Harad faction quickly.TSR is dependent on advertising revenue to pay for bandwidth costs.


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