Iranian forms of dating

Economic problems are the most common cause of DV and studies have shown a significant relationship between low socioeconomic levels and a higher risk of violence (12).

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A total of 300 women who were referred to the Legal Medical Organization of Iran because of DV, participated in this cross-sectional study.

The sample size was calculated based on the prevalence of DV in Iran with an absolute precision of 0.05 and a confidence level (CI) of 95%.

The comprehensive study on domestic violence (DV) conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that DV has probably always been part of the individual experience of women, and it results in physical, sexual, or mental injury or suffering (1).

Domestic violence is observed in many countries and it can be a public health problem (2).

Women are subjected to domestic violence significantly more often than men; this is true for all societies, and it is a universal, trans-historical, and trans-cultural problem as old as human history (7).

Domestic violence is one of the causes of disability and death in women, and it is related to the status of women who live in a culture that considers males to be the dominant sex and that victimizes females.Women, who have children, suffer from a lower level DV (8).WHO has defined DV as behavior within an intimate relationship that causes the physical, sexual, or psychological abuse of women (9).SPSS software version 16 was used for the analyses.Results: The majority of participants were in the 25 – 30 age group, and 83% of them were battered by their husbands in various ways.All of the collected data were considered to be confidential and were handled only by the researchers.

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