Hoya is dating hyoyeon

Stop sh*tting on the poor girl when the show hasn't even aired yet. He deserves all the recognition he can get for his dancing. But if you're just gonna use Hoya to put down another idol, sit your salty asses down.

The part where they dance together is only a few seconds long. Ever since Sixteen, Momo's dancing to me was a little bit... She has the power and the movements but it still looks a tad sloppy I guess it's because 'clean' movements is her style.

i might just be a negative nancy today tbh, bc i also feel taemin winning with an overwhelming 189 points was predictable and boring(those never-ending fan screams...).

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even bora, whose backup outshone her so much, made me feel more.

watch me regret this comment later thoeta: i dnt actually have any thoughts on the ranking. tho i still adamantly stand by my opinion that ten wait....

And I'm looking at the gif above and none of them are sync with each other they probably didn't have much time to practice it together .

I love Momo, I really do a lot but even during her solo performance; she messed up on the timing at first so she sped up and then missed hitting another beat w the rest of the dancers (JYP) I hope to see her improve soon Seriously?

I just really love Hoya's energy and I like how smooth & powerful his moves are. Then again I also don't think Hoya should have been only one point ahead of U-kwon..

but then I also don't think U-kwon should have been the highest score last week to begin with lol. Guess I approve of the top 2 but not so much of the scores.i love the concept hyoyeon went for but the execution isn't as good as i'd hoped :( (also like if her concept wasn't a devil concept, neither were hoya or ukwons tbh)shownu and hoya were boring to me even tho i liked shownu's concept too(sry!

Furthermore, the combination of idols and professional dancers will be reshuffled every week to present an extra challenge.

“Hit The Stage” will premiere on 27th July (Tuesday) at 10pm Malaysian time, simultaneously on Mnet and tv N.

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In the midst of this, the remaining contestants are ready to fight for U-Kwon′s spot in the next episode of Hit The Stae, which will air on August 3.


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