Hiv dating london

Members are of all ages, and include those who have been recently diagnosed, right through to those who have been living with the virus for more than 20 years.

We meet on Mondays in an easily accessible central London venue; Soho, from – .

We discuss a wide range of topics around living with HIV, and some broader issues around living as gay men.

We occasionally invite a guest speaker to help everyone’s appreciation of some of the more complex issues.

This HIV Dating website is for HIV Positive Singles (Heterosexual and Gay) that want to find, meet and date others that are HIV positive.

To provide a safe way of communicating and a safe place to meet without public interference.

We list our top six choices for the best dating sites for the HIV / AIDS community.

All the sites offer free membership, though you can access advanced features only through an upgrade to a paid membership.

Find out which of the best dating sites could work best for you!

allow spammers or Money Scammers on this dating site and are VERY Vigilant about that. Completing your Haco's profiles with photos will get you browsed up to 15 times more often than those profiles that are incomplete, and have no photo.

Presently, there are more than 100 million people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases in the United States itself, with the worldwide number going into more than 600 million.

Among the group, 82.5 percent of people know Positive Singles...

You can also get advice and guidance from others going through the same condition.

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