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The selected entries receive prize from the organisation.

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It took my aunt more than a month to make the beads and then string them together.

She was helped by her mom who was very excited to do this for her granddaughter. Very few people even know how to make this and even fewer practice it.

There is no ‘hole’ to thread the beads, so essentially you have to make the beads have enough ‘spikes’ so that when they are threaded between 4-5 strands of thread, they are held in place and don’t fall out. It has to be made by constantly stirring sugar syrup on a low heat around a central seed ( sesame seed, poppy seeds, sago, lentils or pumpkin seeds).

The seed of choice is based on how small or large you want the sugar bead for the jewelry.

"The contest is an effort to revive the tradition of wearing jewellery during Sankrant," said Ramesh Patankar, director, Patankar Khauwale, who are into making such jewellery since the last 50 years.

Though it took some time for the contest to gain popularity, last year there were over 400 entries from across the world and this year the number is higher than that.

१४ जानेवारी पासून ते पौंष व माघ रथसप्तमी पर्यंत करतात.

कोळशाच्या शेगडीवर परातीत तीळावर साखरेचा तीळ हलवून साखरेचा पाक घालावा लागतो.

त्याच हलव्याचे दागिने माझ्या आत्या सासूबाई आक्का यांनीं हलव्याचे दागिने घरीचं केले होते.

घरातं पण सर्वाना हलव्याचे दागिने पाहुन खूपचं छान वाटल त्यावेळा.

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