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Pressed by Cliff if she ever dated Sizwe, Poppy replies:“Yeah, unfortunately. Look I’m glad it’s just over.”Asked about how dating affected their friendship, she responds by saying:“We have these chat group. Even when Sizwe is not talking to me I get offended.

"Poppy did, however, have some nice things to say about Sizwe:“He's a very, very smart guy, I'll give him that, I just don't think he's an amazing boyfriend.”Talks then moved to the ex that Poppy still had a soft spot for.

She reveals that DJ Milkshake is that ex.“He is like one of my best friends ever. He’s just forgiving and kind.”Poppy seems to have put her dating past behind her, telling Cliff she is in a committed relationship with a Common (US rapper) lookalike from Cape Town.

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Cliff further asks about her relationship with Super Sport United midfielder Reneilwe Letsholonyane, with whom she has a son.

Maboi tells Cliff they are still a couple, though she had said in the past that things were not working out between them.

Charismatic and bubbly television personality Jeannie D joined The Gareth Cliff Show on 1 October 2014 to mark Cliff’s five-month anniversary, which is oddly fitting given that we’ve wanted her to visit us from the beginning. She’s been too busy working from her home city, Cape Town, to stop by for an interview.

We guess in ordinary situations we’d feel bad for an overworked individual but when your job consists of globe-trotting and living the best of the good life, our empathy dips ever so slightly…

This is disrespectful and sexist and one of the reasons so many women marched.

“This isn’t funny‚ it completely discredits such an inspirational movement.

Nonetheless, the self-proclaimed “good traveller” is packing her bags once again from January, with the launch of her new cooking travel show, .

She told the team about how she’s been working more behind-the-scenes with this production and gave them advice on sustaining a career in the South African media industry. Listen to the podcast below to find out who tickles her fancy (the answer might just surprise you!

What we know is that they have been together for at least two years and she does not seek media attention.

Instagram photo by Gareth Cliff ⚜ * Jan 23, 2017 at pm UTC The image posted to his Instagram account immediately caused a debate‚ with offended women slamming Gareth for ‘fat shaming’. Sexist jokes are never funny‚ I thought you were smarter than that‚” added another. It’s not that deep.” This is how Gareth Cliff and Idols dominated our timelines in 2016 Thousands of women joined forces across the globe and marched in protest against Trump’s presidency.

Maboi was no different from her usual self on Twitter; funny, opinionated and straightforward, something she admits has gotten her into trouble before, especially when she asked if EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema’s weight loss was intentional or a result of political stress.


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