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Additionally, you can change boxes for males and females into different colors to highlight the gender distribution in your family.

You can also alter the width and shape of the box sizes and change the color, size and type of pedigree and divider lines.

You can change font options by clicking on the second icon, Fonts .

This opens a window from which you can change not only the Font, but also the Text style, Size, Alignment, and Color .

You can mark generations to make identification easier. To remove a person or entire branch from your chart right click to select them.

Then right click any of the selected people and click Remove Person from Chart. You can also use this method to delete the people selected from your file, or to export only those people as their own tree.

This is a general overview covering the various options for customizing, formatting and saving a chart of your choice.

We also have individual help articles that guide you through creating any chart you choose.

For example, the Relationship Chart only has the option to print, export or send the chart via email.

When you right-click on a person’s box you can access the Preview area of your chart.

If you would like to highlight certain people in your chart, or add some extra color and style, choose the icon for Box and Line Styles.

From the window that appears you can add and remove the borders around people in your chart, add different background colors behind their information, as well as change the background color and border of the entire chart.

From here there are a few selection options available.

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