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He's the most iconic character in cinema, he's best mates with the Queen and he's been in more movies than Freddy Krueger, Harry Potter and Iron Man combined, yet still James Bond remains something of a mystery.

There are only a few things that everyone knows about 007 – his favourite gun, how he mixes his drinks, that he's a wildcat in the sack – but he famously steers clear of Hello!

An all-round genius and 16th century badass, Dee would sign his letters to monarch Elizabeth I with a '007' glyph, signifying they were for her eyes only.

Fifth Bond Pierce Brosnan was long pursued by the Eon producers for the role, but the character is bigger than any single actor's career prospects.

Fleming spotted an ornithology book, 'Birds Of The West Indies' by James Bond, and thought: "By God…

it's the dullest name I ever heard." Clearly he'd never seen snooker played Nigel Bond in action.

Wilfred "Biffy" Dunderdale." It's as rare to see James Bond eating as it is to see Jack Bauer having a wee, but Ian Fleming detailed plenty of 007's eating habits in his books.

Bond's favourite foods when off duty include grilled sole, oeufs en cocotte (eggs and crème fraîche to you and me) and cold roast beef with potato salad.

This week we examine the “death” of Google Reader and its impact for countries with pervasive online censorship practices, regulatory challenges in France for Skype, and the arrests of citizens in Venezuela and Bahrain for criticizing government leaders on Twitter.

Sovereigns of Cyberspace Google will discontinue its Google Reader RSS service this July.

When he signed his contract for Golden Eye, Brosnan was informed that, though he was free to pursue other additional roles in-between Bond movies, the actor could not appear in another film wearing a tuxedo.


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