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  2. Phase 2: The 'fancy seeing you here'I would see events pop up that he was attending and I had mutual friends going to, so I'd go with them and "WHAAAAT? " It was fine at first but it was a little obvious when I turned up to a metal gig with a friend, pretending to like it to make him think 'WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON' when in reality, I haaaate metal, I'm not even that big of a rock fan: I turned down Guns n Roses to go to S Club 3 (that's gonna blow up my comments section, sorry guys). We continued to date and having a few pashes after a night out (Sorry Mum, Dad, Nana, other older relatives reading this). I had gotten way too needy for answers and scared him off and was devastated.

  3. A spokeswoman says the Government is considering the judgement and any legal and policy implications.

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  6. Flesh-peddling is part of the job, after all; and a scattergun approach to frolicking is, perhaps, understandable, given that Westminster allows all the emotional intimacy of a Moonie marriage ceremony.

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