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Thinking about this beforehand can help inspire topics of conversations and questions.

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Then, let us help you with some tips for all you new speed daters and singles event goers.

Reading our dating tips will make your first speed dating or singles event experience more relaxing and help you put your best foot forward.

Heidi and 7 in Heaven offer a FUN, informative, low cost monthly Dating Workshop & Mingle.

Exciting topics to learn a fresh new approach to dating, and gain the confidence boost to be at your very best!

We hope they will help you, especially with your first speed dating event and possibly make subsequent events go even better. Please send your suggestions to [email protected]'ve been speeddating a long time without getting any matches.

Below we have compiled a list of easy questions to have on hand should you get tongue tied. This is the most difficult problem of all and something of course we would rather not have to deal with because of the risk of hurting someone's feelings.Every first timer attending the eventwill receive a complimentary 30 min. Speed Dating Tips We at Velo Promotions in Cork have studied a lot of speeddating tips and data available to us and we have come up with the following list. However you could prompt questions by offering hints or by asking the other person the same question. If you have any tips or help to offer in this area we would be very interested to hear from you.Obviously it would be preferable to be spontaneous but it won't do any harm to be prepared just in case. We realise and understand how soul destroying it must be for some who never or rarely get a match and it got us thinking of possible ways to help those in this situation.It should help to get your date talking about him or her self, which can only be flattering, and it should also help to open up a conversation. A tiny minority of cases might be considered hopeless (debatable) but in general most could certainly be helped with a little guidance in the proper direction.Always try to do something or say something so "engaging" that it immediately breaks the ice. Being animated and changing the tone and pace of your speech can also help to make a point or to keep your listener's interest. Although the above questions are valuable questions, it is best to keep this brief 7 minute meeting FUN and less like an "interview" for a job position. Take notes on only those you are possibly interested in meeting with again, it will save time.


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