Error updating the password

For example, if an Active Directory domain policy requires that all passwords expire periodically, you can update the password information for the service account in TFS when that password changes.

TFS stores a record of the name of the actual account that is used as its service account.

By changing the record, you can assign a different account to act as the service account. Whether you change the account, the password, or both, you stay synchronized with other components in your deployment.

If your deployment includes more than one application-tier server, you must perform this task on each server, or the account information will be out of synchronization.

To configure TFS to use a different account as the service account for Team Foundation, you can use either the administration console or the TFSConfig command-line utility.

Contact your network administrator if you encounter any proxy issues.

This error indicates that GSPS could not verify your authorization and can occur for a variety of reasons.

It doesn't matter whether you already have an existing password set for your account or not, you always get this error message and unable to change the password.

If you are also facing this problem, you can try following solutions: 1. Now make sure "User cannot change password" option is unchecked. In right-side pane right-click on the user account which is not allowing you to change its password and select "Set Password" option. It'll show a warning message, click on Proceed button.

For more information about service accounts in TFS, see Service accounts and dependencies in Team Foundation Server.

For more information about the accounts required for installation, including the service account for TFS, see Accounts required for installation of Team Foundation Server.

It connects to all of the writeable domain controllers in your domain and gathers all of the information listed in the troubleshooting checklist below from each of them (except for network connectivity tests).

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