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We know there were 5 years between the time that Peter and Charlotte ran off together and that they returned for Jasper.

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Look out Edward, looks like someone else has your girl. No longer a series, have moved into a single story with chapters!!!

"You're not my angel." He said gently, feet hanging from the cliff, staring out at the Golden sunset.

There are several instances where the statements of “weeks passed” or “a few days later” make the dates impossible to match up.

We have done the best job we can given the few actual dates provided to make the timeline as accurate as possible.

And as it turn out, sharing isn't such a foreign thing in the Cullen house. Her life changes when the new kid, Emmett Mc Carty, can't seem to stay away from her.

Bella is now faced with a lot more options than she ever thought she'd have. Will she allow herself to fall for him, or will she let her fear rule her? He was less haunted by the Cullens than he was about fragile human girls with brown hair, a nervous smile and a spark that just didn’t exist in vampires.

Eclipse was written to a calendar, but unfortunately it was the wrong year.

The calendar Stephenie sent to us to help us fill out the timeline was from 2007 when Eclipse takes place in 2006.

"Because I'm not dead, and neither are you."What if it was Bella who had been changed first, not Rosalie? Bella's used to sitting down after school and completeing her homework to the background music of her Boyfriend's Piano remix, but she's never worked so long that she reaches the very end. It's only days before Bella's twenty first birthday.

What will Bella do when she discovers one extra track on the CD. She stopped celebrating them after the almost fatal night with Jasper. Emmett realizes that he is in love with his best friend.

The Official Illustrated Twilight Guide states that Charlotte was transformed in 1938 and that Jasper leaves Maria in 1938.


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